What’s your warranty on Grimm products?

Creatures Grimm does not warranty Grimm Products because they are naturally fragile. If you encounter issues with your Grimm products, please email support@creaturesgrimm.com with details and we will help resolve the issue.

Do your ceramics contain lead or any other harmful ingredients?

No! We do not use lead or any other harmful materials. Unless stated in the description.

No two of my Grimm pieces look exactly alike. Is that normal?

Yes, the handmade process results in natural variation for each individual product. This includes; glaze irregularities, minor warping, or other small imperfections. Every piece is hand-built or slip-casted, glazed and carefully inspected by Cassandra, the owner and artist.

Are Grimm ceramic Products dishwasher safe?

Absolutely. For dishwashing, Creatures Grimm recommends a gentle, environmentally-friendly detergent to maximize extending the life of your dishes and finish of the glaze. 

Are Grimm ceramics products microwave and oven safe?

Grimm products are microwave safe. It is oven safe up to 400°F, BUT with some stipulations. Always be careful to avoid temperature shocking ceramics from extreme hot to cold and vice versa. A good rule of thumb is to heat things slowly, evenly, and carefully. This means heating the ceramic product up with the oven, never put it on broil or directly onto a hot surface and use the oven with caution. Creatures Grimm is not responsible for any breakage.

Can I use my Grimm Ceramic Products on the stove?

No. Never use an open flame or hot surface with Grimm ceramic Products. This will temperature shock the ceramic product.